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1const images = [
2    {
3      "templateID": TEMPLATE_ID,
4      "modifications": [
5        {
6          "name": "headline",
7          "text": MY_HEADLINE,
8        }
9      ]
10    }
11  ];
13fetch('', {
14    method: 'POST',
15    headers: {
16      'Content-Type': 'application/json',
17      'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + API_KEY,
18    },
19    body: JSON.stringify({images})
20  });
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All-In-One AI Newsroom that helps news companies and publishers to break news 10 times faster by auto-generating entire articles and images for social media.
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Automate content production for social media, news, blogs, e-commerce and more via a simple REST API. Create image templates and modify it via API.
Creative Studio
Create reusable Image Templates for News, Blogs, E-Commerce, Social Media and more
Custom Fonts
Custom Fonts are essential if you are generating images for your brand.
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Preview and edit your designs exactly as they will appear when they are generated.
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Create Templates for Instagram Posts, Stories, Twitter and many more.
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Generate News Articles and Creatives with AI
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Generate Articles and Media Creatives in 40+ Languages.
Enable Supercharge to use GPT-4 to generate your articles.
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Choose between Unsplash, Pexels or Upload your own images.

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